The Eagle Island Journal is published twice a year, by The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island. Journals since Fall 2005 are in PDF format requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download. Below is a brief summary of contents. For the complete Journal, click on the volume number. After viewing the Journal select your back arrow to return to this site.

Volume XIX, Number 1, Spring 2014. This issue prints in it's entirety "Eight Months at Cape Sabine", an article written by Admiral Peary describing his 1900-01 wintering-over in the Arctic. It's a vivid description and well worth reading to get a real picture of his exploration. Friend's president Harry Rich, brings us up-to-date on the Welcome Center, and also announces that Eagle Island has been nominated by the National Park Service as a National Historical Landmark. Final decision by the Secretary of the Interior is expected in the Fall.

Volume XVIII, Number 2, Fall 2013. The Friends family has now suffered another great loss, with the death of Ed Stafford, the Admiral's grandson. This issues is devoted almost entirely to a review of Ed's life and accomplishments.

Volume XVIII, Number 1. Spring 2013. This issue starts with announcement of the death of our first and long term president, Oliver Brown. What a great loss! Then there is an updating of progress on construction of the Welcome Center.

Volume XVII, Number 2, Fall 2012. This issue describes the wonderful progress we've made in the construction of the Welcome Center. Steve Ingram our Board member in charge of the construction has written a fascinating story of the project, including some fine photos.

Volume XVII, Number 1, Spring 2012. We devote the entire Journal to reproduction of an article written by Admiral Peary about a little known event, the Admiral's recovery of the "Cape York Meteorites" from their location in Greenland, and transport (with extreme difficulty) to their resting place in the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Volume XVI, Number 2, Fall 2011. In this issue we sadly announce the resignation of Jeanie Dorrington, long time Park Manager at Eagle Island. Also included is an article, Airmanship and Aerial Strategy, written by Admiral Peary, probably about 1916, in which he foresees the importance of aircraft in warfare.

Volume XVI, Number 1, Spring 2011. This issue includes an interesting and little known story about a monument, built in 1932 at Cape York, Greenland, as a memorial to Admiral Peary. The Admiral's daughter, Marie (the 'Snow Baby') tells much of the story in her own words.

Volume XV, Number 2, Fall 2010. We report on the Eagle Island Northwest Wall Restoration project, a major undertaking to protect the property. Also, a review of a fascinating new biography of Donald MacMillan, the Arctic explorer with a long association with Admiral Peary and Bowdoin College. Finally, read our plans for constructing an historically accurate small building on the Island, to serve as a much needed visitors' center.

Volume XV, Number 1, Spring 2010. This entire issue of the Journal is devoted to an article written by historian John Davis, who has exhaustively researched a little known part of the Admiral's career: his purchase of a number of islands in Casco Bay, in 1907.

Volume XIV, Number 2, Fall 2009. The Anniversary Year is drawing to a close, and we turn our attention to one of the other major accomplishments of the year: the return to Eagle Island of the player piano which had relieved many long dark hours aboard the S.S. Roosevelt 100 years ago. It's a fascinating story.

Volume XIV, Number 1, Spring 2009. On April 6, 1909 Admiral Robert E. Peary reached the North Pole, the first human to do so. This issue is devoted to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of this event.

Volume XIII, Number 2, Fall 2008. THE SEA WALL HAS BEEN SAVED!! Also, read about an exciting new program to scan and preserve the Admiral's documents stored on the Island.

Volume XIII, Number 1, Spring 2008. Articles: President Harry Rich reports on the seawall problem. Cdr. Ed Stafford describes the christening of USNS Robert E. Peary at San Diego. THis is the fifth USN ship to named for the Admiral.

Volume XII, Number 2, Fall 2007. Articles: The seawall surrounding the Admiral's summer home needs major repairs; excerpts from Adm. Peary's book "Northward over the Great Ice" in which he describes the Eskimos living north of Cape York; summer improvements on the Island.

Volume XII, Number 1, Spring 2007. Remembering Ray Harrison. Appeal for volunteers. Special attachment: Biography of Adm. Peary's wife, Josephine, written by Cdr. Edward Peary Stafford, the Admiral's grandson. Click Here for this.

Volume XI, Number 2, Fall 2006. Chuck Huntington's summary of seven years' bird research on the Island. Two 1916 newspaper clippings about Adm. Peary's career in military aviation. A very successful year of volunteer accomplishment.

Volume XI, Number 1, Spring 2006. Features information about the summer programs, news about the just released documentary film, "Admiral Robert E. Peary: The Man and His Island", and a recently discovered, quaint 1910 article about Peary's "...attainment of the Pole". 

Volume X, Number 2, Fall 2005. This is a special issue celebrating the "Barclay Ultimate North" expedition to the North Pole in March/April 2005. A team of  five traveling with sled dogs, repeated Peary's 1909 adventure and proved that it could be done in the time Peary claimed.

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In the remaining Journals, click on any article that interests you:

Volume X, Number 1 Spring 2005 Articles: President's Message, Annual Meeting-August 11, Docent Program, Trail Day-July 9, Documentary Film Update, Eagle Island Adventure Tours, and the S.S.Roosevelt.

Volume IX, Number 2 Fall 2004. Articles: Summer 2004, (Manager's report); Work Days report; Greenland Revisited, by Capt. Donald L. Taub; What We Need (President's Report); Warbler Downpour, by Chuck Huntington; Report on the Documentary film, by John Davis.

Volume IX, Number 1. Spring 2004. Articles: President's Report: History; Documentary Film; Snow Babies; Eagle Island Birds; Call for Volunteers; New Docent Program; Adventure Tour to Eagle Island; Thank You, Dolphin Marina.

Volume VIII, Number 2, Fall 2003. Articles: Work Days, Summer 2003; Letter from Capt. Donald Taub, USCG; Oliver Brown Retires; Peary Stafford and BNAS Crew Repair West Porch Ceiling; President's Message.

Volume VIII, Number 1 Spring 2003. Articles: Ed Stafford's Tours; Bird Study Progress Report; Dining Out with Josephine Peary; President's Message (new pier, etc.); Trail Work Day; The Gardens of Eagle Island.

Volume VII, Number 2, Fall 2002. Articles: Birds on Eagle Island 2002; Women on Eagle Island; "Eagle Island has a New Set of Clothes"; Message from the Peary Family; Message from the Park Manager; Admiral Peary's Navigation to the North Pole.

Volume VII, Number 1, Spring 2002. Articles: President's Message, Ed Stafford's Tours, A Geography Lesson (Harry Rich), Fire Protection Update, Peary Reached the Pole (Douglas R. Davies)

Volume VI, Number 2, Fall 2001. Articles: President's Message, Did Peary Really Make it to the North Pole?, The "Roosevelt" (painting) Comes Home, Ahnighito (meteorite) revisited, Marine Intertidal Studies, Bird Survey; Numbers Begin to Tell a Story.