The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands web site (Click here) lists all State Historic Sites (which includes Eagle Island) and State Parks, and has a wealth of information about camping facilities, hiking, fishing, snowmobiling etc. This site is recommended to any visitor to our fine State.

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The Bureau also has a site page listing many resources for information about Admiral Peary. Click here for access to this page.



There are many other web sites relating to Admiral Peary, his explorations as well as earlier and later Arctic explorations, the culture of the Inuits, Arctic geology, etc. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • In 2005 Tom Avery, a British explorer, recreated Admiral Peary's trip to the North Pole. On his web site, he gives a brief description of it, and describes his many other adventures. For a longer story, written by Tom, go to Eagle Island Journal at the left, and scroll down to the Spring 2005 Journal.
  • The University of Connecticut has a web site with extensive information about the Arctic Circle. Within this site, there is a wonderful page about the Inuits of Greenland. The Inuits were extremely important to Admial Peary, and he to them.
  • The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, contains one of the world's finest collections of everything related to the Arctic. The Museum is located on the campus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. During the Museum's celebration of the 100th anniversary of Peary's trip to the North Pole, a daily log of the trip was posted and is still available, click HERE .
  • For an exhaustive study of Arctic navigation, as used by Admiral Peary, go to: Doug Davies' web site.


A few other web sites will be listed here occasionally, which although not specifically related to the Arctic, may be of interest to visitors to our site:

   In Albany, NY there is a museum ship, the USS Slater (DE 766) which is another story of a valiant effort to preserve history and make it available to the public. A connection with Eagle Island is that Cdr. Ed Stafford, Admiral Peary's grandson, served aboard a DE during World War II and has written a vivid account, "Little Ship, Big War". In August, 2006 he and your web manager visited the Slater and it brought back  memories.