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The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island

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The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island

This photo shows the house on Eagle Island as it was around 1950.

This is an early photo of a storm hitting Eagle Island. The surf from the Atlantic Ocean can be quite furious at times.  

This is an area at the south end of Eagle Island called South Beach. Every winter the storms rearrange the stones, piling them higher and higher.

When the surf hits the rocks and creates foam it is commonly called "ice cream" surf.

 Eagle Island once had its own pool. A rock inlet was walled off and when the tide was high enough it filled the area with salt water. The sun would warm the water making an enjoyable place to swim. This was on the east side of the island facing directly out into the cold Atlantic ocean. 

Here one of the grandchildren enjoys swimming in the natural pool on Eagle Island 

The house and the grounds of Eagle Island require constant care and upkeep. This was probably in the 1970's when both the house and island fell into a state of disrepair. Today a crew of three Maine State Park workers manage the island beautifully making it a desired destination for those visiting the area. 

This is a photo of a small lobster boat that was was wrecked on Eagle Island. We think the location on the island is just in front of where the caretaker's cottage is.  Not sure who the folks are.