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The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island

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The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island


                            THE FRIENDS OF PEARY'S EAGLE ISLAND


     The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island was established in 1992 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization. We work closely with the Bureau of Parks and Lands of The State of Maine to identify and support the efforts to maintain and preserve the main house, caretaker's cottage, as well as the entire 17-acre island.


     For 2019, the Board of Directors of The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island consists of the following individuals:


  •   Name                       Title / Functions        

  •   Noel Yacobian                    President

  •   Harry G. Rich                     President Emeritus                                                         

  •   Steve Ingram                      Executive Vice President                                  

  •   Marnee Small                     VP  Secretary                                                    

  •   Wayne Miller                      Docent Coordinator

  •   Gaye Miller                        Docent Coordinator

  •   Barbara Tucker                  Special Projects / Garden Specialist                                           

  •   Nadia Harris                       Special Projects / Garden Specialist                                                

  •   Diane Friese                       Special Projects / Docent

  •   Karen Dyer                         Special Projects / Docent

  •   Nick Knight                         Special Projects / Work crew

  •   Steve Harding                     Special Projects       


  • Have a question for one of our board members? Contact us at:                                       

Foxglove was one of Josephine's favorite flowers on Eagle Island. Her original gardens are maintained by the Friends' group of volunteer gardening experts.