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Please refer to the corona virus update tab on the homepage for information regarding visiting Eagle Island this year.  The house/museum, library, and Welcome Center are closed for the 2020 season due to corona virus restrictions. 

 How do I get to Eagle Island ?

  Eagle Island is water accessible only. There are several moorings   available for personal watercraft.

 For 2020 Eagle Island launch service is suspended until further notice.   The use of a personal dinghy is highly encouraged. Personal dinghies   may be tied up to the north side of the float and kayaks may be kept on   the beach above the high-water mark. 

 For the 2020 season the following means of transportation to Eagle Island   are available:

 From Freeport:

 Casco Bay Wild Charters: Captain Mike   Brown 207-865-9611


 From Portland:

 Fogg’s Water Taxi and Charters   207-415-8493

 Are there restrooms? 

  Yes there are 2 composting toilets available on the island. There are   no sinks, no running water or hand pumped water.  

 Please note: Eagle Island does not meets ADA standards and has   major barriers. Mobility impaired people, even with assistance, will   be unable to access the island. 

 Per The State of Maine:​

  • Overnight use of moorings is prohibited.

  • Stay on designated trails. Trails are for walking only.

  • Pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times; please pick up after your pet.

  • Fires are strictly prohibited on the Eagle Island. The Island does not have any grills or designated areas for making fires.

  • Do not pick or remove anything natural: please leave it for others to enjoy.

  • Enjoy wildlife from a distance: do not feed or disturb animals or birds.

 When is Eagle Island open? 

  Eagle Island is a State of Maine operated State Park that is open from   June 15 to Labor Day and usually a few weekends only through   September. 

 When are the trails open?

  The nature trails on Eagle Island are closed until July 15 due to   nesting birds. Eagle Island is a bird sanctuary. After July 15 the entire   island is open for exploration. 

 How much is admission to Eagle Island 

  per The State of Maine State Park fees, Eagle Island admission is $4.00   for seniors $6.00 for adults $2.00 for children 

 How long does it take to get to Eagle Island? 

   From South Harpswell, Maine it's about a 10 minute boat ride.

   From Bailey Island, Maine it's about a 20 minute boat ride.

   From Freeport, Maine it's about a 40 minute boat ride. 

   From Portland, Maine it's about a 60 minute boat ride. 

 What is there to do on Eagle Island?

  There are hiking trails throughout the island. Picnic tables are   available on all corners of the island. The house is actually a museum   and remains very much like it was when the Peary family lived there.   Admiral Peary's library is also open and includes a polar bear pelt.   There are many artifacts to see from Admiral Peary's North Pole   expeditions  

 Are there events for kids? 

  The docents of The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island have developed a   Scavenger Hunt that kids find exciting. A short list of items to find on   the island and in the museum keeps kids entertained and a reward is   offered no matter how many items the children locate. It's fun and   educational. There are also trails to explore and a beach for   swimming.

 Are tours available?

 For the current 2020 season the hand held wands that are provided   for self guided tours on the island are not available. The same   narrated tour heard on the wand can be found under "narrated   tour" at the top of this page. It remains a FREE tour and can be   accessed through one's phone. 

 Is there food available? 

  There is NO food for sale on Eagle Island. The Trading Post in The   Welcome Center is closed for the season. so it is advised to bring   one's own water this year. There are several picnic areas with tables   available for use stationed around the island. No fires are allowed   anywhere on the island. 

 Can I bring my dog?

  Eagle Island is a Maine State Park and the rules governing all State   Parks apply to Eagle Island. They can be found by visiting the State of   Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands website. 

 What about souvenirs?

 The Welcome Center is currently closed until further notice. 

  Eagle Island has a small Trading Post in The Welcome Center. Items   are for sale such as: hats with the Eagle Island logo, The Arcadia   Images of America book  "Eagle Island, Admiral Peary's Harpswell   Home", coffee cups with the Eagle Island logo, stuffed animals, pins,   and other small items. A docent will help you with a purchase.  

 Where can I get more information about Eagle Island?

  Contact The Friends of Peary's Eagle Island through our email address    at: 

  Or contact the State of Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands.

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