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Click the arrows on the Station tabs below to hear a narration about the house and island.  

Station 1: History

Station 2:  About the House 

Station 3:  Peary's Library

Station 4:  East Bastion & living year-round on Eagle Island

Station 5:  The front porch, megaphone, and Flag Island

Station 6:  The 3-sided fireplace, Ed Stafford's story about July 4th fireworks, the living room, and pianola

Station 7:  Grandson Ed Stafford's story about taking Jo shopping

Station 8:  Description of 2nd floor bedrooms and Ed Stafford's story about weathering a summer storm

Station 9:   Looking into the house from the east porch and Martha Percy's menus

Station 10:  The heart of the house:  kitchen, cistern, and laundry

Station 11:   The Pearys' dining room, the 21 pound lobster, and making raspberry jam

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